3M | Versaflo™ PAPR Assembly TR-307N+


Helping you take on your workplace hazards 
The TR-300+ PAPR helps provide protection against particulates. Combines performance, protection and functionality with a slim, lightweight design for comfort.

PAPR is equipped with two types of alarms - low air flow and low battery - which notifies the user through visual and audible alerts. Battery test button and LED lights allow user to determine battery charge level without needing a PAPR blower or charger.

The 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-307N+ PAPR assembly includes a TR-302N+ PAPR Unit, TR-371+ filter cover, TR-327 easy clean belt, TR-332 high capacity battery, TR-341N battery charger kit, TR-3712N HE filter and TR-3600 pre-filter.